We work with your to find the perfect Bar Style.

Hosted Bar: Hosted Bar means that the drinks are complimentary to your guests. Together we will decide on alcohol options and budget. We can keep drinks flowing all night long or decide on a maximum budget, and when or if the bar sales reaches that budget then we will close the bar. 

Cash Bar: Cash bar means that guests will purchase their own drinks using cash or credit card. This is a wonderful, affordable option. We typically bring a wide range of options for guests and allow guests to use credit cards for added convenience. 

Partially Hosted Bar: The sky- is – the limit with this option, this means that some of the drinks are complimentary to guests and some drinks guests are required to purchase. This can be done by setting a budget, once that budget is reached all drinks are cash, setting a time limit once the time has passed for the bar to be hosted all drinks are cash, beer and wine can be hosted and liquor can be cash, there are many way to make this work and a partially hosted bar is a great way to keep costs to the host down. 

gourmet wedding catering
miniature customized bottles of champagne
a champagne wall on display at Headwaters Ranch for a wedding

Sample Bar Catering Costs

Every bar is different so we really can not pin point and exact cost until we have talked about your specific bar needs and wants, but here is an idea of a range and type of costs you will pay for bar catering. 

Bar Set Up & Break Down Fee: $4-$6 per person depending on size of event. Includes set- up and break down of the bar, includes catering endorsement for your establishment, includes plastic cups, bar fruit and beverage napkins and bar ice 

Domestic and Local Craft Beer Options: $195-$300 for ⅙ or ¼ barrel kegs / $3-$7 per beer depending on type of beer 

Wine Options: House wine bottles starting at $15 per bottle or $4 per glass or sky is the limit on options, we love to work with you to get your favorite wines for your party 

Signature Cocktails and Mixed Drinks: $6 – $12 per drink 

Glassware Rental: We offer rental of pint glasses, rocks glasses, stemless wine glasses and champagne glasses. Glass rental includes the price of cleaning and ranges from $1 – $2.25 per glass. 

Bartenders: $20 per hour, we typically recommend 1 bartender per 50 people, but again this depends on the complexity of your bar. 

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